Lovingly cultivated


Welcome to Silverpeak’s High Valley Farm!

Located 20 miles down the road near the town of Basalt, Silverpeak’s High Valley Farm is home to our state-of-the-art greenhouse. From seed to sensation, cultivating the finest quality cannabis is truly our pride and joy. Our growers rely on decades of study and practice in medical and horticultural science, propagation, breeding and greenhouse management. More than this, we love our plants and believe they thrive on clean air, pure water and real sunshine.

The climate at High Valley Farm is ideally suited for growing. Basalt boasts an air quality index of 15.2, much better than the national average of 32. Sunny days number between 240 and 300 per year, also well above the US average. These factors, along with our high quality water, provide the essential ingredients for healthy plants. Our 25,000 square foot greenhouse allows plants to grow more naturally, providing plenty of space, fresh-flowing air, and high altitude sunshine.

With your health and safety in mind, we have implemented advanced water treatment and fertigation systems that allow us to dramatically reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizers typical in most cannabis production. Our farm puts no pesticides into the earth and our greenhouse does not depend on artificial light. We are committed to providing our customers with the healthiest product possible, and to being good stewards of the precious natural resources on which we depend.


The art and science of cultivating cannabis is as complex and fascinating as making wine and brewing craft beer. Our horticulturists are focused on refining the genetics of our plants to produce proprietary strains with highly desirable attributes. It all begins with selecting prime seed and clone strains according to the desired traits. Throughout the propagation phase, we are constantly evaluating our chosen “babies” for health, volume, scent and cannabinoid levels. We hand harvest our mature flowers, meticulously trimming and artfully curing our blossoms for maximum benefit.